Vaping: Nicotine or CBD

From a niche product that only interests small groups of enthusiasts, vapes became a mass product within a few years. Originally introduced as an alternative to smoking, promising less damage to health and more pleasant taste, the vape was called an e-cigarette and sold mainly as rechargeable devices and batteries that allow consumers to buy […]

Driving with GoodWeeds Vape

When they buy our CBD vapes, customers often ask: ‘Will this affect my driving?’ So, let’s imagine we’ve already purchased our GoodWeeds CBD vape from a physical shop or the online store. It’s in our hand, we’re enjoying the smooth flavor, stylish design, and the pleasant effects of CBD. However, after a few minutes, we need to get […]

Boris Brejcha first time in Sofia

GoodWeeds continues to bring only the best experiences to its fans. A giveaway for the Maldives started last week. This week 2 tickets for the concert of Boris Brejcha were given away to a lucky winner. There are only 6 days left until the EXE EPISODE 8 event, of which GoodWeeds is a proud sponsor, […]

Welcome Spring On The Maldives

Tired of waiting for summer? Come with us and welcome spring on the Maldives! Catch up with your yearly dose of sun, sand and sea! Why the Maldives? In the last three years, our lives have changed dramatically and the consequences are numerous. Reduced physical activity, changes in eating habits, less sun and fresh air. […]

What is CBD?

What is CBD? Probably all of us have already heard about the magic of CBD oil, but what exactly is it and most of all – what effect does it have on our body and mind? Recently, CBD products have become very popular and have attracted attention in Bulgaria and around the world. Thanks to […]

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